Why We’re Grateful for Education

With Thanksgiving approaching, everyone is focusing in on what they’re thankful for.  In honor of education, this week we’ve asked several people why they’re thankful for education.  It’s easy to take educational opportunities for granted, particularly in countries where such education is readily available.  As you read, consider your own experience with education and why you’re grateful for it.

Tyler Breinholt

“I’m thankful that we have so many different types of education available to us. There are courses, certifications, universities, books, etc. If it weren’t for the availability of online education, I wouldn’t be where I am today!”

Lele Lybbert

“I am thankful for the empowerment education gives.”

Erin MacArthur

“I’m grateful for teachers who think out of the box and truly love the kids they teach. I’m grateful that there is always something to learn and we are free to learn them.”

Beth Black

“I’m thankful for broadening perspectives and learning how to entertain new ideas. That’s how you find your passion.”

Felicia Christiansen

“I am thankful for education because it gives me the opportunity to broaden my horizons. It challenges me to become better; physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. It makes me happy and reminds me that what I believe or have an opinion on, matters. It pushes me to become an individual.”

Cole Wheadon

“The fact that education is offered in so many different varieties, places, and expenses is amazing to me. Every person, regardless of who they are, where they live, or what they do, has a chance to be educated in any and every way to help the community as a whole-no matter what career path they choose.”

Shilee Martinez

“Being a college student, I love that I am surrounded by so many different educational opportunities and places to learn.  I am grateful that I am not only learning things for my major and future career, but life skills for my future.”

Toran MacArthur

“Education has made my life much more interesting and led to many opportunities that have improved quality of life for me and my family. I’ve been places, had unique experiences, connected with people, and been in a position to serve and make a difference to others – all because of education and learning. When education is connected to good moral purpose, it increases our capacity to bless the lives of others and makes our own life more meaningful.”

Anna Rasmussen

“I’m grateful for education because I always get to keep learning.  That seems obvious but it’s great.  Constant learning means you don’t stay stagnant; you’re going somewhere.  It means that you are constantly refining yourself and your skills.  I think good learning brings us closer to godliness.  It helps me be better.”

Jace MacArthur

“I’m grateful for my teachers because of how much time they spend with me and other kids.  I’m also grateful for my principal who has to deal with vandalism, making decisions, and other illogical things teens do.  And finally, I’m thankful for our free country that lets us have an education at all!”