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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

— Benjamin Franklin


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Through a non-profit program The Ripple Effect we are able to offer tutoring to students of all ages and abilities. To continue these efforts please go to and donate

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Getting Remotivated for School

Getting Remotivated for School

Whether you’ve had the summer off or you’ve still been working on things, everyone has moments of school burnout.  This week we are offering some things you can do to remotivate yourself for the year ahead.  And some of these may make school more enjoyable...

7 Summer Beach Reads

7 Summer Beach Reads

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Inspiration from Our Founding Parents

Inspiration from Our Founding Parents

The Fourth of July is coming up and it’s time to put aside our political differences and reflect on what our country and its founders have provided us. No country will ever be perfect, but there is much to be grateful for. In the lead up to Independence Day, we...