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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

— Benjamin Franklin


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Through a non-profit program The Ripple Effect we are able to offer tutoring to students of all ages and abilities. To continue these efforts please go to and donate

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Benefits of Tutoring

Benefits of Tutoring

School is hard.  Some people may be blessed with the ability to succeed on their personal powers alone, but most need a bit of help.  At Coral Sands Academy we provide a great tutoring program for those who need that little extra assistance.  But is...

Pioneers of Education: Part II

Pioneers of Education: Part II

This upcoming weekend residents of Utah will be celebrating their second big holiday of the month, Pioneer Day.  The 24th of July represents the day when the pioneers to the west first arrived in the state.  Of course, there are all types of pioneers in all sorts of...

Enjoying the Simple Things: Guarding Against Anxiety

Enjoying the Simple Things: Guarding Against Anxiety

About two weeks ago we discussed the online readathon, Jane Austen July.  Of course, not everyone is going to be intrigued by such an event.  Many people don’t care for Jane Austen, some prefer to avoid reading classics, and others may not consider themselves readers...