Whether you’ve had the summer off or you’ve still been working on things, everyone has moments of school burnout.  This week we are offering some things you can do to remotivate yourself for the year ahead.  And some of these may make school more enjoyable overall as well! 

Get Some New Supplies 

Whether it be highlighters, notebooks, folders, or a new backpack, getting yourself organized with fun new supplies makes school much more bearable.  See what you can find that sparks your interest. 

Get a Planner to Schedule Your Time 

Knowing what your plan is can be very stress relieving and makes the approaching challenge more bearable.  Schedule what time you want to study, do homework for specific classes, and allow breaks.  Visualizing the plan by writing it out can be very beneficial. 

Plan for Outside Hobbies and Projects 

Though school requires a great deal of time, allowing yourself time each week to focus on personal hobbies and goals is also very important, and makes school less daunting.  Find things that you enjoy (other than mindless scrolling or binge watching) and make time for them.  This will help you feel energized and motivated. 

Create a Study Group 

What’s more motivating than the support of other people.  Find some friends and classmates who would like to set up a study group with you.  Having the support and knowledge of others available from the beginning can help you maintain consistent success! 

Reach Out To/Get To Know Instructors 

Knowing who you will be learning from can be helpful and get you more excited for the experience.  If you have your instructor’s email, reach out to them and introduce yourself.  Take the opportunity to ask any questions you have as well.  You could also seek out online, school bios or ask others who may have had the teacher in the past. 

Hopefully one of the above tips helps you this year!  We hope you have a wonderful school kick off!