It’s preparation week for yet another holiday, this time celebrating the wonderful father figures in our lives. Like for Mother’s Day, many of you may be struggling to come up with ways to show gratitude for the great men in your lives. This week we’d like to provide a list of 20 things you can do with and for dad to show him your love. Perhaps one of these could become a new tradition!

1. Learn about his side of the family tree

2. Take him out for a treat or meal

3. Make a scrapbook for him

4. Host a family competition (ex. Scavenger hunt, obstacle course, trivia challenge, etc.)

5. Perform a talent show or concert for him

6. Have a game day with the family and other loved ones

7. Plan a staycation day for him

8. Break things at a rage room or go axe throwing

9. Have a dessert taste test

10. Explore ancestral locations – in person or via the internet

11. Work on a puzzle together

12. Have a readathon together – get snacks, create some ambience, and get comfy!

13. Participate in one of his favorite hobbies

14. Explore the outdoors – hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, etc.

15. Have a picnic

16. Do some crazy science experiments

17. Go on a day trip to a nearby site or town

18. Provide breakfast in bed

19. Go to a museum

20. Perform an act of service – what chore do you think he’d rather not have to do?