What You Need for Online School

We all hoped this would be over by now.  Yet here we are.  Thankfully by now most of us have had some experience with online school.  This time, hopefully, we’ll be more prepared for a successful online schooling experience.  For those who are doing school online, this week we’ll be discussing 7 things that will make the experience more effective.

  • A Separate Space to Study – Even if it’s just a small table in the corner of your home, keeping an area specific to studying will help to keep you and/or your student more focused and less inclined to distraction.
  • A Planner – This will help you and/or your student keep better track of your schedule, including what assignments are due when.  Visualizing how much time is available in the day will make it easier to more effectively utilize that time.
  • Notebooks – Even though you’re working more on a computer, there’s still a great deal of value in using a notebook.  Studies have shown that memorization is helped when people write out notes rather than simply typing them.
  • Healthy Snacks – Taking a few minutes in between classes to eat a healthy snack will improve focus and energy.
  • Earphones or Earbuds – Particularly if you are unable to provide a separate room for students to work in, using earphones is critical in helping students focus.  They also help to keep the student’s work separate from the goings-on of the rest of the household.
  • A Backpack – Even though you won’t be going to school, a backpack can be very helpful in keeping your school supplies organized.  It’s also helpful in case you need to move to a different room, or if you’re visiting a friend or family member and need your school supplies with you.
  • Reliable Software and Hardware – This is pretty obvious, but it’s important to make sure you have the technology and access you need to fulfill your educational experiences.  If for whatever reason you are struggling to provide the necessary technology, ask the school what options they may be able to provide.