Taking an online test is simply a different experience.  When taking a test in person, prep for the actual testing process is nearly all the responsibility of the teacher.  Beyond showing up on time and making sure you have a pencil, there’s not much more to worry about.  Online tests, by contrast, require a lot mor of the student.  Let’s discuss some general tips for preparation that will make your online testing experience a lot more comfortable.

1.  Check Your Equipment

There’s nothing worse when taking a test than to realize your computer or Wi-Fi is not working properly.  Check to make sure everything is working a couple of days before the test.  This will allow time in case you need a new computer or need to find a location where you can get better Wi-Fi access.  The day of the test be sure to check your equipment again at least an hour before the test. Hopefully this will provide you enough time if last minute adjustments need to be made.  If you have issues during the test, contact your teacher immediately.

2.  Get Comfy

Find a place to take the test where you can get comfortable and avoid distractions.  Avoid laying down.  Taking a test sitting up will keep your energy up and allow you to maintain your focus.  Keep in mind that many remotely proctored testing systems will flag you if another person is in the room.  Try to find an area where you can be alone.

3.  Check Test Guidelines

Make sure you understand what the teacher expects.  Make sure you know when the test will be available, how long you have to take it, and what system is being used and how it works.  Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher for more information if you are confused about something.  This will help you avoid needless mistakes that could cost your grade.

4.  Gather What You Need

Many online tests will allow open notes.  Be sure to check what you are allowed to use and take advantage of all of it.  If you are allowed to use another website, unless told otherwise, have the website open in a separate tab before you even begin.  This will help you ensure that you won’t accidently lose all your hard work by inadvertently leaving the testing page.  When finding a location, make sure you have enough room for all your materials.

5.  Take a Deep Breath

Before taking the test, take a moment to relax.  If it will help you, take a little walk to get your blood pumping.  When taking a test in person you automatically have time when walking into the place where the test is being provided to relax and prepare mentally.  Give yourself that opportunity when taking an online test as well.