Tips for Creating an Effective Study Environment


The feeling of completing a day of classes is so liberating.  Until the moment you realize you have several hours of studying to do, that is.  However, studying can be done much more efficiently when done in the right environment.  This week we will be going over 7 tips to hopefully help you find the right study environment for you.


  1. Get Out of the House


Sometimes students simply need to be removed from their usual environment.  Common places students use as study areas are libraries, bookstores, or even coffee shops.  You may find simply being at home to be distracting.  Try going to a new place where you intend to get work done.  This can help focus your mind and decrease the amount of time it takes you to get your homework done.


  1. Find Your Own Study Place at Home


For whatever reason, you may prefer to stay in your own house.  If this is the case, set aside a specific area where you can close the door and focus on work.  Preferably choose a place where you will be able to minimize potential distractions and have a seat that will remain comfortable, even after a few hours.


  1. Let People Know


If you live with someone it may be a good idea to make them aware that you’re going to study.  This will help them to know that for the next x-number of hours you will be unavailable to talk unless it is an emergency, minimizing possible distractions.


  1. Schedule Study Time


Your schedule may vary by the day but setting aside time specifically for studying and homework is extremely beneficial.  Often we get so distracted by everyday life that we neglect some of the most important tasks, or are tempted to leave them until the last minute.  By scheduling time for studying we’re making it more of a priority and protect ourselves from procrastination.


  1. Turn Off Electronics


One of the biggest distractions we have today is technology.  Shutting off your phone may be difficult, but it will also help you focus.  There are several apps you can get, as well, that will shut off all notifications for whatever amount of time you set it for.  Anything you can do to remain focused on your work.


  1. Keep Yourself Fed and Hydrated


Nothing’s worse than trying to do homework when you’re hungry.  Be sure to have access to small, healthy snacks such as granola bars, fruit, or fruit snacks.  This will keep your energy up and will help a great deal with focus.  Same thing for staying hydrated.  Be sure to keep drinking fluids while you’re working.


  1. Stay Organized


Be sure to have a clean, organized environment to work in.  Keep any papers or files in a specific folder (digital or physical.)  It is so much more difficult to be efficient when you’re constantly losing things.  Give everything a proper place.  Even when things do get messy (as they likely will) take time to tidy up before you return to work.


Find What Works for You


Everyone works differently.  As you consider the above tips, find what works for you!  Studying doesn’t have to be such a chore, and it doesn’t have to take an entire day to do it.  Creating an environment that limits distractions and is dedicated for work will make studying much more efficient and enjoyable.


















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