There are so many learning tips available. Tips for how to study better, tips for how to do research, and so much more. All such advice is good and valuable, but one of my favorite basic tips is to ask questions! Though at times, asking questions can feel intimidating, there is so much that can be gained from putting forth the effort to do so. This week we will be discussing the benefits of creating and asking good questions.

Helps Comprehension

The most obvious benefit of asking good questions is that questions help you understand the material better. Don’t ever be afraid to ask a teacher or mentor a question. Their job is to help you understand the material. If you’re confused about something, ask about it!

Helps to Retain Information

By taking time to ask a question, you help your brain to focus on a specific piece of information. This allows for greater maintenance of knowledge as personal action was involved. Writing up questions and discussing answers with a group is a great study method for this reason.

Encourages Open-Mindedness

Being willing to ask quality questions and seeking to do so helps you to keep an open mind about new ideas and alternate opinions. Such open-mindedness will also help you to be better informed about issues and subject.

Encourages People to Trust You

Asking people questions shows that you care to get to know them. A person is much more willing to befriend and assist someone if they trust them, therefore, questions help you widen your network. Active listening is also critical to gaining people’s trust, but questions are a good starting point.

Saves Time

Rather than taking an indefinite amount of time to look for things or information on your own, asking a single question only takes a few seconds. Questions allow you to utilize your resources effectively and efficiently.

Promotes Confidence

Surprisingly, a willingness to ask questions helps to boost self-confidence. The act of speaking up and trusting others will enable you to feel more capable. Additionally, the more you are able to learn through questions, the more prepared and able you will feel.

Teaches to Think Deeper

Finally, the practice of coming up with good questions will allow you to think more deeply about the world and your own experience. It’s a great way to better understand yourself and how you can improve. It can also help you to discover what truly brings peace and happiness in your life. It promotes the development of values and priorities in a way that sticks!