Teacher Appreciation

As May begins, for many, school is coming to a close.  As such, let us each take some time to appreciate our incredible teachers.  Whether they be in classroom teachers, online instructors, private tutors, or even our own parents, they all are key to student comprehension and growth.  This week we were able to ask several students of a variety of ages to discuss some of their favorite teachers and what they’ve learned from them.  As you read, consider your own teachers and how you can show gratitude for all they’ve done for you.

Noah, Age 19

“My teacher, Mr. Taylor, had a huge impact on me.  He was my law enforcement teacher.  He taught me how to stand up against the bad things in this world, and that to be a hero, you need to stand out.  He helped me understand what I wanted for my future and gave me the inspiration to do what it takes to obtain it.”

Jace, Age 11

“My favorite teacher was Mrs. Grant.  The reason she is my favorite teacher is that she always cared when I was sad. She also taught me Spanish and taught me that mean isn’t the same as strict.”

Erin, Age 48

“I really liked my sixth-grade teacher, Mr. Laney.  He was really fun and knew how to challenge us.  He was good at art and, even though I wasn’t, he still made me feel like I did a good job, I remember getting to do ceramics projects a few times.  He was a great teacher.”

Sam, Age 17

“A teacher that influenced my life was Coach Willie.  He coached me in football, basketball, and baseball.  He taught me how to improve myself as a person and as an athlete.  He showed me my potential and what makes me special.  I learned how to use my passion and my drive to be to be the best I could be because of him.  I knew that he really cared about and wanted the best for me.  He was very relatable and made sure we always knew that life is bigger than sports.  He cared about me on and off the court and pushed me to be my best in everything I do.”

Claire, Age 14

“A teacher that I appreciate is my dance teacher, Lisa.  I appreciate her because she works us hard and goes over details, but not in a mean way.  She’s very honest with us and I learn more than just dance from her, I learn life lessons.  I’m also very connected to her.  This is why I appreciate Lisa.”

Emma, Age 20

“I recently had a teacher who opened my eyes to my true potential.  Adrian Thayn teaches English at Utah Valley University and spent this semester instilling in each of us that we can be whatever we want to be.  He used writing to show us how brilliant and creative our minds are.  It was always a dream of mine to write a novel that even those who hate reading would read cover-to-cover.   After my little sister’s blog took off, I realized I didn’t have what it took and would probably never have that opportunity.  But this teacher coached me through this doubt and I came out a more confident individual because of him.”