Study groups are notorious for being distracting, but they can also be very beneficial if used properly. They allow you to learn from the perspectives of your fellow students while also gaining information you may have missed. This week we will be discussing some tips for making your group study more effective.

Keep It Small

Between 3 and 5 students is ideal for a study group, at least to begin with. Too many students increases the chances of distraction and may make it difficult to get as much done. Try to keep your group relatively small to maximize effectiveness.

Plan It

Plan out what you’re going to do and for how long. If you are having a longer study session, be sure to plan time for breaks. This will allow you to most effectively utilize what time you have.

Talk It Out

An activity that you can try is to teach each other the material. When you teach it, you’re better able to notice when you don’t understand something as well as you could. Additionally, hearing from others may help you better retain the material. This is a great review strategy to consider the material in different and potentially unique ways.

Bring Questions

Another strategy is to have each student bring questions they have regarding the material. This way you can discuss those questions and clarify answers for the entire group. It also allows you to reflect on the material beforehand, further providing opportunity to review.

Make a Game

Find a way to make studying a game. This could be done using flashcards or online systems, such as Kahoot! (in fact, it’s likely someone has already made a Kahoot! For the subject you are studying. Use your resources and keep the experience fun to minimize distraction.