Summer is coming and the anticipation is building. The end of the school year tends to be the most difficult time to find motivation. Particularly as Spring Break is over for many, it’s time for the long haul. This week we’d like to go over some ways that you can maintain motivation when all you want to do is jump in the pool. Hopefully something on this list will inspire you to keep pressing forward to the end.

Take Breaks

Amidst all of your time studying and attending class, be sure to still schedule breaks into your plans. Often students feel that they need to work nonstop to be most successful, but when you are already undermotivated, it’s actually best to plan short breaks throughout your study plans. Otherwise, you’ll probably take several long, unplanned breaks that will decrease your productivity on the whole. If you know you only have to work for an hour then can take a short break, you’ll be much more willing to stay focused during that hour.

Study Outside

Looking out at the sunny warmth of the day when you’re stuck inside doing homework is a special kind of torture. Why not study outside instead? Studies have shown that being out in the sun can help individuals to reenergize and refocus. Give yourself permission to get a taste of summer, even when you’re still in school.

Form a Study Group

This suggestion definitely requires you to know yourself. Working with other people can be very motivating. It’s a wonderful way to deepen your understanding of concepts, learn new ways to study, and can help you maintain focus as others are relying on you to be present. However, some people (especially if they’re studying with friends) may end up being more distracted in this context than helped. Just be aware of your own personality and give this a try if you feel it could be helpful for you.

Do Something New

Allowing yourself to experience life in a new way can be a great way to maintain motivation. It could be a small change, such as changing the location in which you study, or it could be something bigger, like attending a new event or cultural experience. Again, allowing yourself to experience summer at least a little bit, even when school’s still going on, can provide just enough fuel to keep you going.

Consider Your Long-Term Goals

Knowing the “why” behind our actions can make them much more bearable. Take time to remember why you are going to school in first place. Is there a specific career you want to

pursue? Are you going to ensure that you get at least a decent job? Do you value education and the power it can provide? Whatever the case, spending time to remember the “why” will help you refocus and develop much needed motivation to finish off the school year.