Staycation Ideas for Spring Break

Whether you have it in March or April, Spring Break is nearly here!  For some, Spring Break marks vacation time.  However, many are not in a position to enjoy such activities.  This week we’ve put together a list of staycation ideas for those who can’t get away.  Even if Spring Break is still a good distance away for you, these ideas may still work for a needed weekend of personal-care time.

  1. Take a hike
  2. Have a picnic
  3. Read a book
  4. Practice a sport
  5. Try a new restaurant in your area
  6. Go to a matinee movie
  7. Do a movie marathon of your favorite franchise or genre
  8. See a play
  9. Try a new baking recipe
  10. Eat breakfast in bed
  11. See a historic landmark in your town
  12. Create a special playlist for a dance party
  13. Hang a hammock in your backyard
  14. Go for a bike ride
  15. Take a nap
  16. Build a fire pit and make s’mores (or make indoor s’mores over your stove)
  17. Have a game night
  18. Go stargazing
  19. Get some ice cream or a slushy
  20. Do some yoga (outside or inside)