So, You Want to be a Criminal Justice Major

This week we were able to interview Felicia Christiansen, a student currently working on her undergrad in criminal justice.  She clearly has a passion for what she is preparing to do and may be able to shed some light for those who are considering a similar major.


Interviewer: What made you want to major in criminal justice?

Felicia Christiansen: I want to go into forensics.

Interviewer: And what draws you to forensics as a career?

Felicia Christiansen: I like mysteries.  Being able to do something good, while also solving puzzles and discovering new things is my ideal situation.

Interviewer: Where are you doing your schooling?  What are the educational requirements for that particular major?

Felicia Christiansen: I am currently in my junior year at SUU.  I have to do a lot of science classes because I want to do forensics science.  I have to do physics classes, biology, a lot of chemistry, and of course criminal justice specific classes.

Interviewer:  What has been your favorite aspect of your academic experience?

Felicia Christiansen: Being independent.  Being able to make my own decision is so much better than high school life.

Interviewer:  What has been the hardest part of your academic experience?

Felicia Christiansen: Keeping up with all of my classes.  Specifically making sure I make time for everything I need to do.

Interviewer:  What are you most nervous about moving forward towards a career?

Felicia Christiansen: Probably just not being able to get one.  I mean I’ve gone through all these years of schooling and it would be hard not to be able to get a job I want.

Interviewer: What are you most excited about as you move forward towards a career?

Felicia Christiansen: Being able to finally do what I’ve wanted to do since junior high.

Interviewer: What is one piece of advice you would want to give someone who is trying to decide on a major?

Felicia Christiansen: Criminal justice is really fun.  You can do a lot of things with a major in criminal justice, including going into law school.