So, You Want to be a Business Management Major

This week we were able to interview Shilee Martinez, a student currently working on her bachelor’s degree in business management.  She is excited for what she is preparing to do and may be able to shed some light for those who are considering a similar major.  For those who are still in the dark on what they want, perhaps this is a path you could consider.


Interviewer: What made you want to major in business management?

Shilee Martinez:  I started out not knowing what I wanted to do, so I chose business because it was fairly easy, and I could get it done fast.  But as I’ve gotten further in, I’ve realized that it’s given me freedom to do just about whatever I want.

Interviewer: What draws you to business as a career?

Shilee Martinez:  I feel like interacting with people and either owning my own business or simply being in charge will be what I want.

Interviewer: Where are you doing your schooling?  What are the educational requirements for that particular major?

Shilee Martinez: I am currently attending SUU.  You have to take business core which includes an economics class, an accounting class, a finance class, a marketing class, and a management class.  Then, based on your emphasis, you go into higher level classes in that area.

Interviewer:  What has been your favorite aspect of your academic experience?

Shilee Martinez: The social part of it all is great.  I didn’t realize how many different people I would meet in college.

Interviewer:  What has been the hardest part of your academic experience?

Shilee Martinez:  The hardest part for me was transferring from Snow to SUU.  Just going two years to Snow and then going to a whole new school was hard for me.

Interviewer:  What are you most nervous about moving forward towards a career?

Shilee Martinez:  I think choosing a career in general is stressful.  My major gives me a lot of freedom, which is nice, but it’s also really scary.

Interviewer: What are you most excited about as you move forward towards a career?

Shilee Martinez: Going out in the world and actually putting the skills I’ve learned into practice will be amazing.  Also just finding something I love to do will be exciting.

Interviewer: What is one piece of advice you would want to give someone who is trying to decide on a major?

Shilee Martinez:  I think the best piece of advice is just finding the things you like and then doing something within that because you’re going to be spending a lot of time working on it, so you should enjoy it.