It’s wind down time!  Summer is coming to a close and it’s time to get back into the school focus.  This week we’ll be discussing some tips and tricks to make the transition easier.  You can use these for yourself or for your kids, depending on your situation.

Get Those Summer Assignments Done

Some teachers will send out required summer reading assignments.  If this is the case, the earlier you can get them done the better.  That way you won’t have a last-minute rush to complete them.  If you don’t have any summer assignments, perhaps set your own by giving yourself a set amount of time you’re expected to read each day.  This will help you get back in the homework-time mindset.

Begin to Adjust Your Sleep/Wake Up Schedule

Some people are able to automatically adjust to a new sleep schedule, but many prefer to make the shift gradual.  August is the perfect time to start making these gradual adjustments.  Many suggest going to bed about 10 minutes earlier each night and waking up 10 minutes earlier each morning until school arrives.  You can change this adjustment schedule based on the amount of time you have left before school starts.  Do what works for you.

Go School Shopping

Despite the hassle, it helps the kids get excited for school when they’re able to be involved in choosing their own school supplies and clothes.  If you are going into college or at least are expected to pay for your own clothes and supplies, go out and get at least one thing.  The budget at this time of life is tight, but even allowing yourself one little treat in preparation for school can increase your excitement for the new year/semester.

Organize Your Study Area

There’s nothing more distracting than working in a messy area.  As you acquire all of the necessary supplies, set up an area in which the kids (or yourself) may be able to work with minimal distractions.  If a set-apart place to do homework is not possible in your current home, at least make sure to sit down with your kids and make a plan on how to keep the available space clean throughout the school year.  Even if it doesn’t last (because life happens) this will at least help to get students back into the school mindset.

Have a Final Summer Hurrah

As you wind down and begin to prepare for the school year, don’t forget to have some fun.  Consider, by yourself or with your kids, one last thing you would like to do before school starts up again.  Making sure to still have some fun before summer ends will help you, and/or your kids, feel much more relaxed and happier as you/they approach the new year.  So, enjoy summer as long as you can!