Fun Labor Day Activity Ideas

We have our first holiday weekend of the new school year coming up and most of us will probably spend it doing yard work.  But, for those who want to add at least a little more fun to their plans, here are a few ideas!

  • Turn on the Sprinklers!  Summer is nearly over, but the heat is still around.  Take the opportunity to get the swimsuits out one last time.  For those with little kids in the house, this could keep them busy for hours.
  • Backyard Movie Night!  If you have the means, do a movie in the backyard.  Even if there’s only a couple of you and you need to use a laptop, get creative with your set up.  Gather some pillows, blankets, and some themed decorations and make it a party.
  • Have a Barbeque or Picnic!  Though some may not be able to go to a public place to do this, doing it in the backyard is just as fun.
  • Try a New Recipe!  Sometimes simply getting in the kitchen and experimenting with what you have can be a blast.  Get some friends and/or family together and make something.
  • Finger Paint!  No matter how old you are, finger painting is so fun.  As long as you’re willing to get a bit messy of course.
  • Organize Your Own Little Parade!  You’ll have to be a bit careful with this one in today’s climate, but it could be fun!  Get a few people together and give each a theme to work with.  Then plan an area in which you can march and go to town!
  • Have an Ice Cream Bar!  Get together a variety of different toppings and flavors of ice cream and treat yourself!
  • Have a Readathon!  Got a book you’ve been dying to read, take this time to pick it up!  It’s even better if you have some snacks and a nice reading nook prepared.
  • Take a Drive!  Even if you can’t go inside places, holiday weekends provide the perfect opportunity to explore your local area.  See if you can find something you’ve never noticed before.
  • Play Kickball!  This is such a fun sport to play with people of all ages.  All you need is a ball and some items to use as bases.  (And a few players of course J).