Creativity is for Everyone

Before we begin discussing the benefits of having creative outlets, I want to make something clear.  Do not go into this discussion thinking of it as yet another thing to do.  Whatever creative opportunities you take should be fun and relaxing.  They do not necessarily have to be done every day but taking time to pursue creative activities will benefit you greatly in other aspects of your life.  Whether you are a student, a stay-at-home parent, or pursuing a career, studies have shown that those who have creative projects on the side tend to be more collaborative, helpful, and creative in other aspects of their lives as well.

Clearly busy-ness and focus on other things can be a great hindrance to our creative pursuits, but what else stops us?  Often it is fear.  When we think of creativity, we often associate it with literature and the arts. It seems only certain people are blessed with creative talents while the rest of us must pursue other gifts.  This simply isn’t true.  Everyone has creative abilities.  Making plans for the future, coming up with solutions to problems, even trying out a new method of doing something all involve creativity.  Creativity not something to be afraid of, it’s actually something you’ve already experienced, even if you don’t know it.

The benefits of taking time to be creative are incredible.  First of all, and in some ways most prominently, taking time to work on a project that is all your own can be a great stress reliever.  Even if you can only give twenty minutes a day, the impact of that time on the rest of your day can be extremely positive.  It can also help you to be more motivated in other areas of your life.  Creativity encourages greater confidence, which in turn encourages greater motivation to take on the many stresses of life.  If you can make the effort, the benefits you will reap will be worth it.

The following is a list of possible creative outlets.  Some are very simple while others take more time and energy.  Whatever choice you are most drawn to, we encourage you to choose at least one project that you can work on over the next few weeks.  Again, it can be anything, whether on this list or not. Just do something and see what changes you begin notice in your life.

  1. Journal (Any Kind)
  2. Adult Coloring Books
  3. Start a YouTube Channel
  4. Photography
  5. Creating Music Playlists
  6. Write a Short Story (or book if you feel brave)
  7. Cook/Bake
  8. Create a Vision Board of Your Dreams and Aspirations
  9. Do Something you Enjoyed as a Kid
  10. Start a Blog
  11. Start a Reading Project (ex. Read 100 Classics by 2025 or Read 5 Books about Something You’re Interested in)
  12. Draw
  13. Make Your Own Music
  14. Learn a New Hobby
  15. Learn to Sew (or find a new project if you already know how to)