Benefits of Participating in Theatre

Yes, theatre lovers, the time has come.  In our continuing series on the benefits of extra-curricular activities, this week we will be discussing the many benefits of participating in theatre.    


Studies have shown that students who participate in theatre tend to do better in school.  Those who struggle with learning disabilities have shown improvement in reading and communication skills as they participate in theatre.  It also improves attitude and motivation in many students, encouraging them to do better in other areas of their lives, particularly school.


Performing in front of an audience takes a lot of courage.  Being able to successfully put on a play and feel a part of a community is a huge confidence booster for students.  Improv, in particular, also gives students an opportunity to learn to approach uncomfortable situations with confidence and self-trust.  This increase in confidence will positively affect all aspects of a person’s life.


Theatre allows students to think outside of the box.  This opportunity to practice making creative choices helps students to naturally try new things and see the world around them differently in everyday life.


Acting is all about stepping into another person’s shoes.  In doing so, students are learning about different cultures, beliefs, and a variety of different ways of thinking.  This has been proven to have an influence over, not only their present life-experiences, but for many years afterward.  Adults who participated in theatre as children tend to be more empathetic in their later years.

Emotional Outlet

Life is stressful no matter how old you are.  Theatre is a great way for students to release emotion in a creative, productive way.  Even when a student is unable to actively do theatre in a given moment, the practice they get with dealing with different emotions in plays or musicals allows them to better know how to deal with those emotions in real life.

Just as with any extra-curricular activity, there are so many other benefits that were not mentioned here.  Theatre really is an incredible and useful learning opportunity and creative outlet.  If it sounds interesting to you, give it a shot!  You never know if it’ll be the right thing for you until you try.