Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument

In the past month or so we have already discussed the incredible benefits of both playing sports and reading classics.  This week we will be discussing the benefits of learning a musical instrument.  Several of the benefits are similar to those discussed in the previous few posts, however there are some unique benefits involved in gaining musical talent.  For those who have considered learning an instrument, perhaps this will encourage you to make that dream a reality.

Improves Academic Skills

Studies show that students who learn to play a musical instrument tend to do better in mathematics and on reading tests.  While learning music, students are learning how to divide, make fractions, and recognize patterns.  They’re already learning to apply math into real-life scenarios.  They also are able to practice reading at a faster pace as they learn to read music.  This has been proven to assist in reading and comprehending literature in class.

Relieves Stress (For Yourself and Others)

It is commonly known that music has the power to relieve stress in just about anyone.  Therapists will often use music therapy in order to help their patients gain a sense of control and peace.  Not only does playing music reduce stress for the player, it can also reduce stress in those who are listening.  So really, learning to play an instrument can be an act of service!

Improves Coordination

Learning to play an instrument requires students to learn to react fast and train the brain to work and rapid speeds.  Because of this, people who play musical instruments tend to have better hand-eye coordination.

Encourages a Sense of Responsibility

Learning an instrument takes time and practice.  This provides an opportunity for children and youth to gain a stronger sense of responsibility as they take the time to practice and improve.  Instruments also require a great deal of care to remain in good shape.  Students can learn responsibility by learning to ensure that good care is given to their instrument regularly.

Expands Your Social Circle

And, of course, learning to play an instrument allows you to make new friends!  While playing alone can be entertaining, the power that is created by playing with others is astounding.  Playing in a group requires a great deal of teamwork and trust.  As such, learning to play an instrument provides an opportunity, not only to make new friends, but to develop skills through which you can deepen those friendships.