It’s April and the weather’s getting nicer!  After a year of feeling trapped in our own homes, it’s time to get outside.  This week we will be discussing the benefits of spending time outside.  Hopefully it will give you the extra push you may need to take a trip to the park!

Increased Mental Energy

Studies have shown that natural scenes have the ability to restore mental exhaustion.  Even just a picture of the great outdoors has the ability to boost energy.  So, if your feeling burned out, try stepping outside for a moment.

Improves Mood and Decreases Stress

As your energy goes up, so does your mood.  People who spend more time outside tend to be much happier.  It probably helps that stress decreases as well, leaving space for a more positive, uplifted mood.

Helps Us Heal Faster

Oddly enough, research has shown that those who spend more time outside after surgery require less painkillers and recover faster than those who remain primarily indoors.  This possibly comes back to the decrease in stress that comes from being outside as stress tends to negatively impact the healing process.

Sharper Concentration

Being outdoors also helps to improve concentration, in turn positively impacting memory.  Many students find that spending even 10 minutes outside improves their ability to focus on homework.  And anything you can do to improve the homework experience should definitely be at least considered.

Improved Creativity

As energy increases and concentration improves, so does creativity.  Research participants who were asked to solve a creative problem were much more successful after spending time outdoors than were those who remained inside.  So, if you’re looking for creative inspiration, take a walk outside.

You’ll Live Longer

Perhaps it goes without saying, based on all of the other benefits already listed, but more time outside is associated with longer life.  Between the boost to the immune system and the mood improvements, the great outdoors can be extremely beneficial in the aging process.  So for those concerned about aging skin, try the outdoor treatment.