Summer is the season of moving. Many have graduated college and are prepping to move out on their own; others are simply relocating with their families. Whatever the case, such changes in lifestyle and environment can be stressful. It requires making new friends, finding your way around, getting use to a new culture, and rediscovering your niche. So, let’s discuss some ways you can overcome these stressful adjustments.

Find Local Events

Is there a fair nearby? Sports? A play? Take time to plan out a few nearby activities you can take part in. Not only will this open the door to possible friendships, but it will also help you to learn about what sorts of things your new area values. Understanding your new environment will make it much easier to get comfortable there.

Do Your Research

See what you can learn about the history and culture of your area online. Even if you are still in the same state, different communities can have slightly different cultural aspects that could take you off guard. Learning about your new world will make the transition less intimidating.

Just Say Hi

This may take a bit more courage, but it will be worth it if you can try. Commit to saying hi to everyone you pass. Introduce yourself to your neighbors, say hello to people at activities you attend, if you are going to school, say hi to people in the hall. Or, if you are uncomfortable with that, at least introduce yourself to someone you sit next to in class. For those who are doing online school, bake cookies for some neighbors and introduce yourself to people that way. The first step simply requires a polite and cheerful interaction.

Join a Club

Many communities will have little groups, clubs, or teams that you can become a part of. Consider your interests. Do you like sports? Books? Gardening? History? Go online or ask around to see if you can find something that catches your interests. Doing something in an organized fashion with others is the best way to form lasting relationships.

Maintain Previous Connections

During this transition, don’t forget to stay in touch with friends and family. Maintaining those relationships can make the change much more bearable as it will provide for strong social support. Cutting off friends while you are trying to make new ones will leave you feeling even more lonely and undermotivated. Even if you are not physically close, maintaining emotional closeness will be a comfort when dealing with the toil of change.