A Successful Life Requires Hard Work

Starting July 1st, I have been slowly making my way through Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.  For those who aren’t familiar with that particular piece of literature, it’s a heavily philosophical story that’s over a thousand pages long.  Definitely not for everyone, but due to some personal life goals I’ve set, I am required to read it.  As I’ve read, the primary theme that has stood out to me has been the idea of hard work, or perhaps more specifically, effective work.

A common feeling in today’s society is a sense of entitlement.  We feel that simply because we are human, we all deserve whatever we want.  Everyone should have the same amount of money; everyone should be taken care of.  Such a seemingly ideal world is so appealing that many are drawn to ideas that seem to provide it.

At closer glance, however, many who hold such ideals don’t recognize the need and power of effective, hard work.  Work is what keeps society progressing.  Without it we have no direction and no growth.

Work is Simply Necessary

Many people want more money so that they can purchase whatever they want.  For some it’s new technology, for others it’s large pieces of land, and for others it may be something else.  Whatever the case, it’s critical to keep in mind that such items didn’t simply appear.  They required inventive minds, long hours, and hard labor.  They required college educations, constant learning, and development of skills. 

Instead of thinking in what ifs and I wishes, each of us should be taking advantage of any hard working opportunities that come to us.  The wealthy people of the world didn’t just magically get put there.  Most of them had to work for years for it.  If you want those positions, don’t just sit and complain.  Prove that you truly deserve it.  Do your job well, go above and beyond when possible.  Hard work, though difficult to do in the moment, is the thing that will push you to the top.

In the End, it’s Better for You

On top of the fact that hard work is what provides success financially, it’s also a huge confidence booster.  Those who work hard to accomplish goals are much happier and more confident than those who just have things handed to them.  When you work hard, you know that you are able to do things for yourself, without having to rely on others.  Those who are simply handed things tend to be more dissatisfied with life, less confident in their abilities, and more entitled. 

Basically, it’s just better to work hard for what you want, rather than complaining that it hasn’t been given to you.  Take time this week to look for ways you can work more effectively, whether that be at work, in school, or simply doing chores at home.  Developing such habits as early as possible will make a world of difference in setting you on the path to future success.