2020 has invited some life reflection for each of us.  Routines have been difficult to maintain and many have chosen to abandon occupations they have had for years, while others have been forced to do so.  With all of this chaos going on, perhaps we should all take the opportunity to branch out.  Trying new things can add some much-needed flavor to our lives and can help us to recognize the beauty in the world around us, even in the midst of turmoil.  This week we want to discuss four specific reasons why it’s worth it to try new things, even if it may be uncomfortable.

Overcoming Fear

Trying new things can be nerve-racking.  What if you don’t like it?  What if people laugh at you?  Often, we don’t pursue new experiences because we are afraid of the unknown.  However, the more you push yourself to overcome that fear, the easier it will become.  When fear no longer holds you back, you will feel much more fulfilled as you try things you might not otherwise have been able to experience.

Time Will Be More Memorable

As we get older, often time seems to be going faster.  This is largely because we fall into more and more of a stable routine.  We have the same daily activities, eat the same food, get up at the same time, and even wear the same clothes.  Overtime such similar days and weeks can blend together and suddenly a year will go by with us hardly realizing it.  Trying new things will inspire many more memorable moments, moments that can help us feel as though we are actually living, rather than letting life pass by.

Get to Know Yourself Better

How do you know you don’t like it if you don’t try it?  Everyone has either said this or heard this statement being said to a picky eater at least once in their lives.  We can apply this to adults as well.  There may be activities out there that you would love, but perhaps you haven’t had the courage to give them a shot yet.  The more you try, the better you’ll come to know yourself.  It may seem strange to think that you don’t know everything about yourself already.  But the truth is, there are so many experiences to be had that it can be difficult to know everything you might enjoy experiencing.

Stimulates Creativity

It might go without saying but trying new things can be a great way to inspire creativity.  First of all, working to try new things can introduce you to a variety of ways to express yourself.  Second of all, trying new things can prompt new ideas when considering ways to improve the experiences you already love.  People who are brainstorming for projects at work may benefit from the mind-exercising experience of trying new things.  If you are in the middle of a creative block, go out and try something new.  It may inspire you.