We’re a week away from one of the most important holidays of the year, and if you haven’t started preparing yet, it’s time to start.  This week we will provide a list of 25 ideas to celebrate the motherly figures in your life (particularly for those who are starting to panic).  Perhaps one of these will become a new tradition!

  1. Breakfast in Bed
  2. Hide Notes in Random Places Around the House
  3. Decorate Her Bedroom Door
  4. Watch Her Favorite Movie with Her
  5. Take a Walk Around a Beautiful Area
  6. Go on a Picnic
  7. Take Her to a Spa
  8. Or Go Camping if it’s More Her Style
  9. Gather Around a Campfire (S’mores, Hot Dogs, or Just Talk)
  10. Relax by a Pool
  11. Take a Tour of a Museum or Garden (Virtually or In Person)
  12. Take a Day Trip to a Nearby Town or Event
  13. Take a Class Together (Cooking, Painting, Gardening, etc.)
  14. Work on a Project with Her that She’s Been Wanting to Do
  15. Give Her a Self-Care Kit Catered to Her
  16. Have a Tea Party
  17. Make Her a Playlist
  18. Flip through a Photo Album Together
  19. Conduct an Interview with Her – Let Her Reminisce
  20. Go Antiquing
  21. Treat Her to a Manicure
  22. Start a Book Club with Her
  23. Make Something Together
  24. If You Don’t Live Close, Make Time for a Long Phone Call
  25. Do Something Based on Her Love Language