15 Ideas for a Socially Distanced Memorial Day

Holidays are driven by tradition.  As we approach this year’s Memorial Day, however, our traditions may prove inaccessible.  Though some public amenities are becoming more readily available, things have certainly not returned to normal.  For those who are wary of, or are unable to do what they usually would for the holiday, we’ve come up with a list of 15 possible alternatives to help you enjoy this special day.

  1. Do a virtual tour of a museum or national monument.
  2. Read a book or find a source online about military veterans.
  3. Donate to the U.S. Department of Veteran’s affairs.
  4. Make a red, white, and blue meal or dessert.
  5. Share stories with others about loved ones that have passed (or ask others to tell you stories).
  6. Decorate the sidewalk with patriotic chalk murals.
  7. Take a moment to simply think about the sacrifices of those who fight for our country.
  8. If you have one, fly a flag to show your support and respect.
  9. Watch a patriotic movie.  (Examples: Midway, American Sniper, Captain America, Gettysburg).
  10. Have a backyard campout.
  11. Take a drive.
  12. Write a letter to a veteran, their family, and/or a loved one who may be struggling.
  13. Make your own patriotic décor and hang it around your house.
  14. Write a social media post showing your gratitude and reverence.
  15. Go on a hike (or walk if hiking isn’t available in your area.

However you choose to spend the holiday, be sure to take time to appreciate the country we’ve been given.  It’s not perfect, but the rights we take for granted have not always been readily available, and still aren’t for much of the world.  For any reading this who may be a veteran or are currently active in the military in some way (whether that be soldiers or their families), thank you for your sacrifice and service.  Have a wonderful week preparing for the holiday and we hope you continue to be safe.