School is hard.  Some people may be blessed with the ability to succeed on their personal powers alone, but most need a bit of help.  At Coral Sands Academy we provide a great tutoring program for those who need that little extra assistance.  But is tutoring worth it for you? This week we plan to discuss 5 specific benefits of tutoring to hopefully help you take the plunge.

Individualized Learning Experience

In a classroom setting, a teacher has many students he or she must work with.  As such, it is difficult for them to provide each student with personalized help.  Tutoring programs, however, allow for much more personalized interactions, enabling students to learn in a style that works best for them.

Improves Academic Performance

Perhaps it may be obvious but tutoring really does work to improve grades.  Even an hour a day has been shown to be effective.

Improves Self-esteem and Confidence

As students improve academically, they tend to become more confident in themselves and their abilities.  Such improvements in attitude also encourage a more hopeful outlook on future possibilities.  Those who feel stuck in the system can gain skills and confidence that will propel them into new possibilities.

Encourages Greater Learning Skills

Tutoring can also allow students to explore new methods of studying and learning.  They can learn to better organize their time, study using a wider variety of skills, and ask questions that will best help them understand different ideas.  These skills are not only beneficial within an educational setting, but also in life as learning is an ongoing experience.

Prepares Students for College

Lastly, the skills acquired in tutoring programs can be particularly useful when attending college.  Often successful high school students struggle when transitioning to a college program.  This is because they never developed effective study strategies that would work in a more demanding academic environment.  Those who have utilized tutoring programs, however, do learn those strategies and develop those skills.  Such a background makes it far more likely for a student to succeed, regardless of perceived natural talent.

Tutoring programs have so much to recommend them.  If you or your student struggle with the normal academic programs, perhaps you should invest in this great opportunity. The benefits are honestly priceless.